Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"The Sweep Of History" Is For The Guy Holding A Broom

While he's speaking TMR's language, Victor Davis Hanson doesn't seem to be aware conservatives now do this, too:

 It's also difficult, James Taranto, to see how the Right continues to think they're going to win anything, ever again, utilizing these tactics:

Sorry, Everybody, but you voted for Mitt Romney. You're as big a group of hypocrites as the Dems are - maybe even bigger - so now what?

The guy we mentioned in Thursday's closing item, who got stuck in the Cayman Islands with a 128-foot yacht, is not, as we implied, the owner of the yacht but a small-businessman who makes his living moving yachts for others. Occasionally we go for the cheap laugh and end up underpaying.

And that's the thing. That ability, to hurt people who are already hurting, and then walk away with a, possibly self-deprecating, tah-tah. 

How is the Right going to fix that image of itself? 

Say what you want about them - and I will - but the Democrats don't have that problem. They may not fix shit, but what is the average American going to think, today, when looking at two hypocrite parties? 

"Well, at least, one of them seems to care about me."

I remember - just a few months ago - the Republican Party was openly admitting it had to fix itself.

I still haven't seen an update on how that's going,...